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 How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Philly?

ONE call to BedBug Chasers 215-352-3034 you’re Rid of Bed Bugs it’s that EASY!

Using “ONE & DONE” you get ONE Bed Bug Treatment DONE in Just ONE Day that’s 100% Guaranteed to KILL all Bed Bugs in Philadelphia & Southern NJ

BedBug Chasers of Philadelphia PA & Southern NJ: 100% Guaranteed Philadelphia bed bug heat treatment to be Done with bed bugs in just One Day with One Bed Bug Treatment in Philadelphia, PA and Southern NJ.  BedBug Chasers of Philadelphia PA & Southern NJ is the Metro Philly’s and Southern NJ’s largest and #1 rated experts in bed bug treatment, bed bug elimination and bed bug removal. No other bed bug treatment company has what we have – the BedBug Chaser heater that’s How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Philly & Southern NJ! We INVENTED our BED BUG HEATERS and INVENTED our bed bugs HEAT TREATMENT PROCESS No Other Company can make that claim – No One!

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Your Privacy Matters to Us!

Unlike typical bed bugs pest control professionals who rely on traditional marketing methods and word-of-mouth advertising, BedBug Chasers’ unique marketing model allows us to place your privacy first. Our team arrives in unmarked vehicles, and our equipment and uniforms display no logos—we don’t even carry business cards! We are experts in discretion—your neighbors will never know why we’re there unless you want them too.

The Philly Bed Bug Heat Treatment Experts

BedBug Chasers of Philadelphia PA & Southern NJ is your Bed Bug High-Rise Experts, whether it’s uptown or downtown Philadelphia PA, Southern NJ or the Jersey Shore – Plain and Simple: We are the Big Dogs of bed bug removal, bed bugs control and bed bugs treatment because our single focus since the day we put drafting pencil to paper and opened our doors has been obliteration of bed bugs and that’s How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Philly Southern NJ!


Don’t be fooled by imitators that are trying to cash in on the bed bug epidemic or those using less effective electric heaters or sometimes dangerous propane heating equipment. BedBug Chasers of Philadelphia PA, Southern NJ uses only ISO 9001 certified equipment in our bed bug heat treatment process. Our BedBug Chaser heating units produce an astounding 68,288 BTU’s each and with airflow at 3000 CFM, they turn an infested area into a supercharged convection oven, killing all bed bugs instantly. Our BedBug Chaser heater produces 185% more heat and moves 50% more hot air than our bed bug removal competitors using Thermal Remediation’s EBB-460 Electric heaters.

Non-Toxic Bed Bug Treatment in Philadelphia, PA.

Unlike chemical treatments, which require multiple applications, the BedBug Chasers of Philadelphia & Southern NJ “One & Done” bed bug heat treatment is the only non-toxic, eco-friendly solution that kills bed bugs, nymphs and eggs with ONE Application in ONE day. Preparation is also minimal, which means you can leave all of your clothes and personal belongings in your home during our visit. After the treatment, we provide you with a certified report so you can be confident that critical temperature was achieved throughout your home, apartment building, office space or any other structure that’s How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Philly & Southern NJ!

NEW! Bed Bug Dog Detection Services!

Looking for the #1 Bed Bug Dog Inspection Service? Every BedBug Chasers Bed Bug Dog Inspection and Detection uses only NESDCA certified bedbug dogs so you can be sure that each dog and handler team has achieved the highest standard for scent detection. NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association) was formed by Pest Control Professionals to ensure the highest standards for Entomology Scent Detection Canines are upheld.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Philly Southern NJ?

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Have BedBug Chasers of Philadelphia PA & Southern NJ perform a “One & Done” bed bugs heat treatment in your home today and by tonight, your home will be bed bug free and you can return to a peaceful night’s sleep – WE GUARANTEE IT! bed bugs treatment philly, bed bug heat treatment Philly PA, NJ, South NJ, Jersey Shore, Philadelphia, How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Philly