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Bed Bug Pictures

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The Philadelphia PA Bed Bug Exterminator says: If you wake up in the morning with tiny, itchy bites on your body, there is a very good chance that you have bed bugs. However, do not assume that every bite mark is from bed bugs. Even a doctor cannot give a positive diagnosis simply by examining bite marks. They can only suggest possible causes for what may have caused the bites.

If you see bugs in your home on or near your bedding or other furniture, you should have your entire home inspected by a qualified Philadelphia PA Bed Bug Exterminator, like BedBug Chasers.

If your in doubt whether you have Bed Bugs the only sure why to find out is with a Bed Bug Dog Inspection, Bed Bug Dog Detection because Bedbugs are very small and like to hide in tight, dark places. Unlike humans that must rely upon visible inspections, Bedbug dogs use their nose which means they can identify all stages of bed bugs (adults, nymphs and eggs) whether they are hiding in a mattress, behind a wall or under a carpet. All places you would not be able to see them with the human eye!

Philadelphia PA South New Jersey Bed Bug Dog K9 Inspections detection

BedBug Chasers Now Has Bed Bug Dog Detection throughout Philadelphia and Southern NJ

Every BedBug Chasers Bed Bug Dog Inspection and Dectection uses only NESDCA certified bedbug dogs so you can be sure that each dog and handler team has achieved the highest standard for scent detection. NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association) was formed by Pest Control Professionals to ensure the highest standards for Entomology Scent Detection Canines are upheld. www.NESDCA.com

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…wake up with small, itchy bites?
…see tiny bugs hiding in your furniture?
…see small black stains on the mattress, boxspring or headboard?

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The US has rapidly become infested with bed bugs and they are here to stay. These nocturnal blood suckers have been spotted from Maine to California and are now everywhere in between. How did they get here, why are they spreading so fast and why is it so difficult to get rid of them? What can the Philadelphia PA Bed Bug Exterminator do about it? Contact BedBug Chasers today!

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Pictures of Bed Bug Life Cycle

Bed Bugs in Philadelphia, PA – Why Are They Back?

Increased world travel – genetic evidence collected has shown that bed bugs infecting households in the U.S. and Canada in the last decade were not domestic, but imports from countries still using DDT like chemicals.

Resistance to chemicals – 90% of bed bugs sampled from 66 populations collected from 21 U.S. states were resistant to Pyrethroids, the most widely used group of chemicals to treat unwanted insects and flies.

Inbreeding – a study showed the genes of bed bugs infesting three multistory apartment buildings in NC and NJ had very low genetic diversity, meaning they were very close relatives. So close in fact that researchers suspect it may have taken just one or two founder insects to start the infestation in each building. A single mated female bed bug starts the infestation and gives rise to offspring and those offspring mate with each other and with their mother.

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How fast do Bed Bugs spread in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? Are you prepared to be SHOCKED?

One (1) pregnant female bed bug can become an infestation of 13,328 if left untreated for 6 months!

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How fast do bed bugs reproduce from one pregnant bed bug in Philadelphia, South Jersey, Jersey Shore?

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Are YOU part of the 70% unreported bed bug infestations in Philadelphia, Southern NJ or the Jersey Shore?

In under five years, bed bug infestations across the US & Canada have grown by 500%.

As early as 5 years ago only 37% of exterminators had ever treated for bed bugs, in 2010 that number rose to 91%.

All 50 States reported bed bug infestations in 2010. Experts believe ONLY 30% of all infestations are reported.


Are YOU part of the 70% unreported bed bug infestations? Have you noticed bed bug problems in Philadelphia, PA and Southern NJ?

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